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Table 1 Definition of compliance

From: Feasibility of home-based sampling of salivary cortisol and cortisone in healthy adults

Definition Explanation
Compliant to number of samples Two complete days out of 3 with 4 samples/day (16 out
  of 24 samples with 8 samples at B and 8 samples at FU)
Compliant to report sample time Self-reported sample time for the 16 out of 24 samples (8 in B, 8 in FU)
Compliant to timing of S1 Self-reported delay < 10 min from awakening to S1 for 4 days (2 days in B, 2 days in FU)
Compliant to timing of the second Self-reported collection of morning samples within 1 h
and third morning sample after awakening for 4 days (2 days in B, 2 days in FU)
  1. The table present the different definitions of compliance to the salivary sampling protocol
  2. B baseline, FU Follow-up