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Fig. 2

From: Role of FBXW2 in explant cultures of bovine periosteum-derived cells

Fig. 2Fig. 2

Double-fluorescent immunostaining of periosteum at weeks 1 and 2. At week 1, a small amount of osteocalcin appeared on FBXW2. A mass of osteocalcin appeared at week 2, when both osteocalcin and FBXW2 formed tube-like structures. a–d The periosteum at week 1. b A high-magnification image of (a), and d shows a high-magnification of c. eh The periosteum at week 2. f RANKL: negative control for e. Scale bar: 100 μm. Osteocalcin: green; FBXW2: red; DAPI: blue

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