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Table 1 Overview of data files/datasets

From: Database on the coverage of the “Bolsa-Família” conditioning cash-transfer program: Brazil, 2005 to 2021

Label Name of data file/dataset File type (file extension) Data repository and identifier
Dataset 1 pbf_health_data_raw zipped (.zip) Synapse: [8]
Dataset 2 pbf_health_crude zipped (.zip) Synapse: [8]
Dataset 3 pbf_health_full_epi_pt delimited text (.csv) Synapse: [8]
Dataset 4 pbf_health_full_epi_en delimited text (.csv) Synapse: [8]
Data file 1 pbf_health_overview excel (.xlsx) Synapse: [8]
Data file 2 pbf_health_dataselfie_pt HTML (.html) Synapse: [8]
Data file 3 pbf_health_dataselfie_en HTML (.html) Synapse: [8]
Data file 4 script_pbf_health_ingestion R code (.rmd) Synapse: [8]
Data file 5 script_pbf_health_analysis R code (.rmd) Synapse: [8]
Data file 6 pbf_health_tables excel (.xlsx) Synapse: [8]
Data file 7 pbf_health_figures Portable document (.pdf) Synapse: [8]