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Table 1 The UKRN Stakeholder Engagement Group (as of Jan 14th 2022)

From: Systemic problems require systemic solutions: the need for coordination and cooperation to improve research quality

THE UKRN Stakeholder Engagement Group
Full stakeholders, who provide direct funding for UKRN activities, as well as support in kind Academy of Medical Sciences
The Arts & Humanities Research Council
Cancer Research UK
The Economic and Social Research Council
The Medical Research Council
MQ: transforming mental health
The Natural Environment Research Council
Research England
United Kingdom Research and Innovation
UK Research Integrity Office
The Wellcome Trust
Affiliate Stakeholders, who we work with collaboratively and who provide support in kind for UKRN activities The Association of Research Managers & Administrators
The British Neuroscience Association
The British Psychological Society
The CHDI Foundation
Code Ocean
The European Bioinformatics Institute
F1000 Research
The Institute of Physics
The NC3Rs
The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
The National Physical Laboratory
Nature Publishing Group
Public Library of Science
Project TIER
Research Libraries UK
The Royal Society of Biology
The Software Sustainability Institute
The UK Data Service
The UK Research Staff Association
Universities UK