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Table 1 Items included in University of Jyvaskyla Active Aging Scale (UJACAS), and items for which responses were potentially affected by pandemic-related restrictions

From: Challenges related to self-assessment of active ageing during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden

UJACAS itema Responses affected
Practicing memory  
Using a computer or pad  
Advancing matters in one’s own life  
Exercising X
Enjoying the outdoors  
Taking care of one’s personal appearance  
Crafting or “do it yourself” (DIY) activities  
Making one’s home cosy and pleasant  
Helping others  
Maintaining friendships X
Getting to know new people X
Balancing personal finances  
Making one’s days interesting  
Practicing artistic hobbies  
Participating in events X
Advancing societal/communal matters  
Doing things in accordance with one’s world view  
  1. aFor each item respondents ranked their will to act, ability to act, opportunity to act, and frequency or extent of doing the activity, on a five-point Likert scale ranging from not at all/very low to very much/very high