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Figure 3

From: EBER2 RNA-induced transcriptome changes identify cellular processes likely targeted during Epstein Barr Virus infection

Figure 3

a. Heat-maps of statistically significant (p < 0.01) changes in gene expression when comparing EBER2/EBER2-L2 transfected to mock (pUC18) transfected cells at 48 h post-transfection. "L": log2(FoldChange), roman numbers indicate independent biologic replicates, "S": signal; "P": p-value. b. Average Pearson correlation coefficients of the transcriptome profiles of the biological replicates. Homogeneity and reproducibility of the independent biologic replicates was assessed using Pearson correlation coefficients averaged over the common subset of ~34000 probes. Pearson correlation coefficients larger than 0.950 have been highlighted in dark green. c. Pathway analysis of the joint set of EBER2 and EBER2-L2 target genes. "Count": number of genes corresponding to a given pathway present in the selected dataset, "Total": total number of genes associated to given pathway, "Expect.": expected number of genes given the size of the selected dataset and a random zero-hypothesis, "+:-": statistical over- (+) or under- (-) representation, "P-value": likelihood of zero-hypothesis to be correct. d. Biologic Process analysis of EBER2-L2 target genes. Nomenclature as in (b).

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