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DNA barcode trnH-psbA is a promising candidate for efficient identification of forage legumes and grasses

This proof-of-concept work by Loera-Sánchez et al aimed to determine which of three plant DNA barcodes (rbcLa, matK and trnH-psbA) best discriminates 16 key grass and legume species common in temperate sub-alpine grasslands. trnH-psbA had a 100% correct assignment rate in the five analyzed legumes and three analyzed grasses, making it the most promising candidate for plant species richness assessments that could support plant biodiversity monitoring.

Tobacco and electronic cigarette cues for smoking and vaping: an online experimental study

This online study by Blackwell et al examined if exposure to smoking and vaping cues the urge to smoke or vape. There was no evidence indicating that exposure to videos of smoking or vaping cued smoking urges and no evidence of interaction effects between cue exposure and smoking and vaping status. The lack of cueing effects on smoking urges is inconsistent with previous research, raising questions about the ability to assess craving in online settings.


  1. Authors: Georges Nguefack-Tsague, Serge Clotaire Billong, Ousseni W. Tiemtore, Albert Frank Zeh Meka, Ismael Diallo, Brian Bongwong, Marie Nicole Ngoufack, Ernest Mvilongo, Yemurai Ndowa, Houssey Diallo, Bruno Clary, Koubagnine Takpa, Jean-Baptiste Guiard-Schmid, Leonard Bonono, Jean-Bosco Elat-Nfetam and Jinkou Zhao

    Content type: Research note

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