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Table 4 Frequency of different responses of dealing with stress (reported by residents as occurring often or sometimes)

From: The happy docs study: a Canadian Association of Internes and Residents well-being survey examining resident physician health and satisfaction within and outside of residency training in Canada

Response to stress N Percent (%)
Talk to others 1839 92
Relax by doing something enjoyable 1808 90
Look on the bright side of things 1793 89
Jog or do other exercise 1512 76
Wish the situation would go away 1383 70
Avoid being with people 1027 52
Blame yourself 1009 50
Eating more or less than usual 953 47
Sleep more than usual 896 45
Pray or seek spiritual help 758 38
Drinking alcohol 342 17
Using drugs or medication 105 5
Smoking more cigarettes than usual 81 4