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Table 1 specification of Glan Laser polarizer GL10

From: Reduction of the pulse duration of the ultrafast laser pulses of the Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy (2PLSM)

Item Number GL10
Extinction Ratio 100,000:1
Material Laser Quality Natural Calcite (low scatter)
Design High Laser Damage Threshold Air-Spaced Design
Damage Threshold 500 W/cm2 of CW Power 500 MW/cm2(10 ns Pulse 1.06 μm)
Wavefront Distortion ≤ λ/4 Over Clear Aperture
Scratch/Dig (Input and Output Faces 20/10
Scratch/Dig (Side Ports) 80/50
Transmission Range 0.35 – 2.3 μm
Aperture 10 mm × 10 mm
Prism Dimensions (W × L) 12 mm × 13.7 mm
-A Coating Wavelength Range 300–600 nm
-B Coating Wavelength Range 600–900 nm
-C Coating Wavelength Range 1250–1620 nm
V-Coat Wavelength 1.06 μm