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Figure 1

From: The transcriptional cofactor MIER1-beta negatively regulates histone acetyltransferase activity of the CREB-binding protein

Figure 1

MIER1 interacts with CBP. (A) Schematic illustrating the CBP protein sequence and its domains: NR = nuclear receptor interaction domain, C/H1 and C/H3 = cysteine/histidine rich regions, KIX = kinase-induced interacting domain, Br = bromodomain, HAT = histone acetyltransferase domain, QRD = glutamine-rich domain. (B) GST pull-down assays using CBP deletion mutants. In vitro translated, 35S-labelled, full-length CBP (panel i), CBP1–1096 (panel ii) or CBP1094–2441 (panel iii) were incubated with 0.35 μg GST (lane 2) or an equimolar amount of GST-MIER1β fusion protein (lane 3). One twentieth of the labelled protein input is shown in lane 1. (C) Schematic illustrating the MIER1β sequence and its domains: acidic activation, ELM2 and SANT domains as well as the β-specific C-terminus. (D) GST-pull-down assays using MIER1β deletion mutants. In vitro translated, 35S-labelled CBP1094–2441 was incubated with 0.35 μg of GST alone (lane 2) or equimolar amounts of GST fusions of full-length MIER1β (lane 1), the N-terminal half (lane 3) or C-terminal half (lane 4) of MIER1β. One twentieth of the labelled protein input is shown in lane 5. (E) Coomassie blue-stained gel showing the GST fusion proteins used in panel D.

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