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Table 2 PCR amplification results targeting primer pair 'RpoB-las-laf-F and RpoB-las-laf-R' for the 1.5 Kb DNA fragment of the rpo B gene.

From: Comparative phylogenomics and multi-gene cluster analyses of the Citrus Huanglongbing (HLB)-associated bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter

Species Sample ID PCR County/State/Country
Ca . Liberibacter asiaticus 10002, CCLP Crows Nest -ve Hendry, Florida, USA
  10795, Barron Collier Oak Hammock +ve Hendry, Florida, USA
  10938, Orange Co. Joshua +ve Desoto, Florida, USA
  11206, USDA Fort Pierce +ve St. Lucie, Florida, USA
  11869, Lykes Lake Placid +ve Highlands, Florida, USA
  1-Bra- 327, +ve Sao Paulo, Brazil
  5-Bra- 40, +ve Sao Paulo, Brazil
  6-Bra- 87, +ve Sao Paulo, Brazil
  11-Bra- 319, +ve Sao Paulo, Brazil
  10-CHN +ve Guangxi province in China
  16-CHN +ve Guangxi province in China
  17-CHN +ve Guangxi province in China
  18-CHN +ve Guangxi province in China
  19-CHN +ve Guangxi province in China
  6-MD +ve Japan
Ca . Liberibacter africanus 333, Eureka Lemon +ve Caledon, Western cape, South Africa
  UPCRI 05-0232, MCE Marsh +ve Mpumalanga, South Africa
  UPCRI 05-0252, Navalina +ve Mpumalanga, South Africa
  UPCRI 06-0026, ITSC Museum tree +ve Mpumalanga, South Africa
  UPCRI 06-0071, M 45/06 +ve Mpumalanga, South Africa
Ca . Liberibacter americanus 39-Bra- 275 -ve Sao Paulo, Brazil
  48-Bra- 304 -ve Sao Paulo, Brazil