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Figure 2

From: Drosophila phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase is required for tissue morphogenesis during oogenesis

Figure 2

Cytoplasmic F-actin filament assembly and dumping is disrupted in dPPCS1/1 egg chambers. To examine the morphology of dPPCS1/1 mutant ovaries, rhodamin-phalloidin was used to visualize the F-actin network in combination with DAPI to stain nuclei and various other antibodies as described. (Aa-Ac) Wt nurse cells assemble an elaborate network of transverse F-actin filaments prior to cytoplasmic dumping. Labeling using antibodies against Quail revealed colocalization of Quail with F-actin filaments in wt. (Ba-Bc) The cytoplasmic F-actin network is not properly formed inside dPPCS1/1 nurse cells, and Quail localization is diffuse inside the cytoplasm. To visualize nurse cell nuclei an antibody against lamin Do was used. (C) In wt ovaries, F-actin bundles anchor the nurse cell nuclei during dumping. (D) dPPCS1/1 nurse cells fail to assemble F-actin filaments, and nurse cell nuclei trapped inside the ring canals during dumping were observed (arrows in D, F). (E) Example of a dPPCS1/1 oocyte nucleus encapsulated by F-actin fibers. (F) In dPPCS mutant egg chambers, nurse cell nuclei were found inside the oocyte compartment (arrow marks a nurse cell nucleus trapped inside a ring canal). (G) During cytoplasmic dumping, a tight array of F-actin is present at the subcortical membrane of wt oocytes. (H-I) The subcortical F-actin fibers at the membrane of the dPPCS1/1 oocyte compartment were increased in size and thickness (boxed arrowhead), and large clumps of F-actin were found within the oocyte compartment (arrowheads). (J) An antibody against D E-cadherin was used to visualize centripetal migrating follicle cells because these cells express high levels of D E-cadherin. In dPPCS mutants, migration of these cells occurred normally, but nurse cells are observed within the oocyte compartment after these cells finished their migration. An example of a nurse cell nucleus in the dorsoanterior corner of the dPPCS1/1 oocyte compartment is shown. Asterisks mark the oocyte nuclei. (oo) oocyte compartment. Scale bars: 100 μm (A-B), 20 μm (C-E), 50 μm (F-J).

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