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Table 3 Percent identities and E-values between shared proteins of Chlamydia phage 1 and Chlamydia phage ϕCPG1

From: CGUG: in silico proteome and genome parsing tool for the determination of "core" and unique genes in the analysis of genomes up to ca. 1.9 Mb

Chlamydia phage 1 Chlamydia phage ϕCPG1 % identity E-value
VP1 hypothetical protein 49.0 e-160
VP2 capsid protein VP2-related protein 24.6 2e-25
VP3 capsid protein VP3 25.3 3e-13
hypothetical protein nonstructural protein 60.0 2e-7†
hypothetical protein hypothetical protein 18.9 7e-21
nonstructural protein nonstructural protein 30.2 3e-8
  1. The "†" indicates that the E-value was obtained with the low complexity filter in bl2seq turned off. This was done because the proteins are short (36 amino acids).