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Table 1 Affymetrix 10K Xba142 DNA chip SNP call analysis

From: Specific and complete human genome amplification with improved yield achieved by phi29 DNA polymerase and a novel primer at elevated temperature

Sample F-G M-G S-G D-G Average
% SNP Call 93.4 97.2 94.7 95.2 95.1
Sample F-K30 M-K30 S-K30 D-K30 Average
% SNP Call 96.3 97.7 96.5 95.5 96.5
Sample F-K40 M-K40 S-K40 D-K40 Average
% SNP Call 97.5 95.1 96.8 95.6 96.3
Sample F-W30 M-W30 S-W30 D-W30 Average
% SNP Call 97.7 97.7 94.7 97.4 96.9
Sample F-W40 M-W40 S-W40 D-W40 Average
% SNP Call 95.5 95.8 96.4 92.5 95.0
  1. Percent call rates for gDNA and MDA samples are shown. Samples belong to one family including: Father (F), Mother (M), Son (S), and Daughter (D). G represents unamplified gDNA. K30 and K40 represent MDA reactions using Repli-g kit at 30°C and 40°C, respectively); W30 and W40 represent MDA reactions using GGGCAGGA*N*G primer at 30°C and 40°C, respectively.