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Table 1 NOD1 polymorphisms tested in the Canterbury population

From: Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing 1 (NOD1) haplotypes and single nucleotide polymorphisms modify susceptibility to inflammatory bowel diseases in a New Zealand caucasian population: a case-control study

rs Number Location Nucleotide changea Protein domain Frequencyb
rs2075818 Exon 4 c.156C>G CARD 0.869 (n = 214)
rs2075822 Intron 6 g.27606T>C   0.706 (n = 92)
rs2907748 Intron 11 g.45343G>A   0.735 (n = 200)
  1. a. The position is numbered from the first nucleotide of exon 1. The sequence is obtained from dbSNP
  2. b. Frequency of major SNPs in a European population as a mean for European samples submitted to dbSNP