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Table 1 Description and content of fields associated with each entry of OxDBase database.

From: OxDBase: a database of oxygenases involved in biodegradation

Entry Field Description
Name Wherever possible IUBMB Name or common name of the enzyme
Category Chemical nature of substrate of dioxygenase
Subcategory Specificity and nature of oxidation of dioxygenase
Enzyme database The Enzyme Commissions identification (EC) number, link to the SWISS PROT ENZYME database
BRENDA database The EC number and link to the BRENDA Enzyme information system
KEGG database Link to molecular interaction network of Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) along with EC number
UMBBD database The accession number of University of Minnesota Biocatalysis/biodegradation database
Reaction The name and chemical structure of substrate and product
Synonyms Popular names other than the IUBMB
Related genes Link to the NCBI Entrez-gene database
Related structures PDB four letter identification code plus a link to the corresponding information
PubMed reference Link to the relevant literature to the PubMed database