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Table 1 Summary of definitions of levels of organ support in the critical care minimum data set [5].

From: Can a score derived from the Critical Care Minimum Data Set be used as a marker of organ dysfunction? – a pilot study

Organ system Definition of level of support
Basic respiratory • > 50% oxygen delivered by face mask
  • Close observation due to the potential for acute deterioration
  • Physiotherapy or suction to clear secretions at least two hourly
  • Patients recently extubated after a prolonged period of intubation and mechanical ventilation
  • Mask CPAP or non-invasive ventilation.
  • Patients who are intubated to protect the airway but needing no ventilatory support and who are otherwise stable
Advanced respiratory • Invasive mechanical ventilatory support
  • Extracorporeal respiratory support
Basic cardiovascular • Treatment of circulatory instability due to hypovolaemia
  • Use of a CVP line for basic monitoring or central access
  • Use of an arterial line for basic monitoring or sampling
  • Single intravenous vasoactive
  • Intravenous drugs to control cardiac arrhythmias
  • Non-invasive measurement of cardiac
Advanced cardiovascular • Multiple intravenous vasoactive and/or rhythm controlling drugs
  • Patients resuscitated after cardiac arrest where intensive therapy is considered clinically appropriate.
  • Observation of cardiac output and derived
  • Intra aortic balloon pumping.
  • Temporary cardiac
  • Placement of a gastrointestinal tonometer
Renal • Acute renal replacement therapy
Neurological • Central nervous system depression sufficient to prejudice the airway and protective reflexes
  • Invasive neurological monitoring
  • Severely agitated or epileptic patients requiring constant nursing attention and/or heavy sedation
Gastrointestinal • Feeding with parenteral or enteral nutrition
Dermatological • Patients with major skin rashes, exfoliation or burns
  • Use of multiple, large trauma dressings
  • Use of complex dressings
Liver • Extracorporeal liver replacement device