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Table 2 Gene list for nCounter™ probe synthesis.

From: Multiplexed measurements of gene signatures in different analytes using the Nanostring nCounter™ Assay System

Gene/Gene Symbol Representative Transcript/Transcript ID Taqman probe ID (if used)
ASPA NM_000049.2  
BCL6 NM_001706 Hs00153368_m1
C11orf58 NM_014267.3  
CCNG2 NM_004354 Hs00171119_m1
CDH1 NM_004360.2  
CHGB NM_001819.1  
CUGBP1 NM_006560.2|NM_198700.1|NM_001025596.1 Hs00198069_m1
DNAJB9 NM_012328.1  
DYNLL1 NM_001037494.1|NM_001037495.1|NM_003746.2  
H6PD NM_004285.3 Hs00188728_m1
HBEGF NM_001945.1  
HIST1H1D NM_005320.2  
HKR2 NM_181846.1 Hs00419189_m1
ICAM1 NM_000201.1  
IRS2 NM_003749 Hs00275843_s1
ITM2B NM_021999.2  
LDHA NM_005566.1  
LGI1 NM_005097.1  
MDS032 NM_018467.2  
MLLT7 NM_005938 Hs00172973_m1
MMP2 NM_004530.2  
MS4A6A NM_152852.1|NM_022349.2|NM_152851.1 Hs00223521_m1
MXD4 NM_006454 Hs00170799_m1
MYC NM_002467 Hs00153408_m1
NARG1 NM_057175 Hs00228208_m1
NIP7 NM_016101 Hs00602949_g1
NR0B2 NM_021969.1  
NTS NM_006183.3  
PPARA NM_001001928.2|NM_005036.4  
RNF10 NM_014868.3  
SEPT2 NM_001008491.1|NM_001008492.1|NM_006155.1|NM_004404.3  
SFRS10 NM_004593.1  
SHCBP1 NM_024745.2  
SLC25A32 NM_030780 Hs00229219_m1
TAF1A NM_005681 Hs00375858_m1
TFRC NM_003234.1  
THBS1 NM_003246.2  
TMSL8 NM_021992.2  
TP53 NM_000546.2  
r60_1 NA  
r60_3 NA  
r60_a104 NA  
r60_a107 NA  
r60_a135 NA  
r60_a20 NA  
r60_a22 NA  
r60_a97 NA  
r60_n11 NA  
r60_n9 NA