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Table 3 Anamnestic data and the observed kinetics of immunological conversion in a 13-year-old boy.

From: IGRA tests perform similarly to TST but cause no adverse reactions: pediatric experience in Finland

Time 2007.07 2007.08 2007.09 2007.11 2007.12 2008.02
Anamnesis A visitor in the family with pulmonary TB(AFB+)   The grandparent diagnosed with culture-positive TB    
TST (mm)   0 (neg)   16 (conversion)   
Ly-TbSpot (reactive cells/106 lymphocytes.   17 (non-reactive)   13 (non-reactive) nd nd
The max response is shown       
B-TbINFγ (IU/ml)   0.36 (borderline)   nd 0.15 (non-reactive) 0.70 (reactive)