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Table 3 BRCA2 variants of unknown significance observed in Utah high-risk prostate cancer pedigrees

From: No evidence of BRCA2 mutations in chromosome 13q-linked Utah high-risk prostate cancer pedigrees

Exon/Intron Nucleotide change Amino Acid change Desc. On BIC1 No. found in prostate cases
/total found
/no. with valid results2
Pedigree segregation
11 5972C>T M1915T UV(7) 0/1/12 --3
I14 IVS14-62A>G Intronic NA 1/1/12 --
  1. 1UV = unclassified variant. Value in parentheses represents the number of times there is an entry for the given mutation in the BIC database.
  2. 2Valid result requires that the sequencing reaction is of sufficient quality as to detect the polymorphism.
  3. 3This variant was previously reported to be present in prostate cancer cases by others.21