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Table 2 Unannotated genes.

From: 1Identification of genes differentially expressed in the embryonic pig cerebral cortex before and after appearance of gyration

Transcript code Public ID Fold
Ssc.30169.1 [GenBank:CO986932] 4,01
Ssc.9938.1 [GenBank:BI402064] 3,81
Ssc.8325.1 [GenBank:BF712758] 3,75
Ssc.4142.1 [GenBank:CN155998] 3,07
Ssc.19138.2 [GenBank:AU060035] -3,35
Ssc.19138.1 [GenBank:CF367810] -3,89
Ssc.7399.1 [GenBank:BF712467] -4,65
  1. Result of microarray analysis of differentially expressed genes without annotation in E60 and E80 cortex. Transcript codes refer to the Affymetrix oligos spotted on the microarray [22]. The corresponding GenBank accession numbers are indicated along with the fold change in expression between E60 and E80.