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EasyModeller: A graphical interface to MODELLER

  • Bhusan K Kuntal1,
  • Polamarasetty Aparoy1 and
  • Pallu Reddanna1Email author
BMC Research Notes20103:226

Received: 30 January 2010

Accepted: 16 August 2010

Published: 16 August 2010

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Archived Comments

  1. A new update to this version is available : EasyModeller 4.0 (for both LINUX and WINDOWS)

    12 September 2012

    Kuntal Bhusan, University Of Hyderabad

    EasyModeller 4.0 introduces a fresh new GUI for Homology Modeling using MODELLER in the backend and available for both Windows and Linux platform. This version has several new features integrating all the goodies of EasyModeller 3.0 which was only available for LINUX.

    The highlighted features of this version are :

    1. Tab based logical Modeling steps with extensive error handling
    2. Allows to load unlimited number of templates
    3. A colorful alignment viewer and also with an inbuilt alignment editor
    4. On the fly MODELLER code editing ( generated MODELLER scripts can be edited as per user's need and run from within the tool). This feature would be most useful for advanced MODELLER users.
    5. Inbuilt DOPE profile Viewer, Ramachandran Plot viewer, Loop Modeling, Basic model optimization and dynamics for a selected Model.

    Details can be found here :

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    None declared

Authors’ Affiliations

School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad