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Figure 1

From: Selective amplification of Brucella melitensis mRNA from a mixed host-pathogen total RNA

Figure 1

Inter-array comparison of signal consistency from B. melitensis RNA samples reverse transcribed with Genome Directed Primers (GDPs) vs. Random Hexamer Primers (RHPs). The consistency of the signal generated from a Cy3-labeled B. melitensis cDNA using a primer sets predicted from GDP-Finder software (GDPs) was compared with a Cy3-labeled B. melitensis cDNA made by a commercially available set of RHPs. Each method was used on two sets of identical B. melitensis RNA samples isolated from late-log phase cultures, and the resulting cDNA was labeled with Cy3 and co-hybridized with Cy5-labeled genomic DNA (gDNA) to two B. melitensis oligoarrays for each primer type. Signal consistency from samples reverse transcribed with GDPs was slightly higher (R2 = 0.7535) (A) compared to RHPs samples (0.7116) (B).

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