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Table 1 Analysis of the sequences flanking the alternative splice sites of the CHD7 CRA_e alternative transcript

From: Cloning and characterization of a novel alternatively spliced transcript of the human CHD7 putative helicase

Donor splice
site location
splice site
Intron size
(consensus splice sequence)b
5' CAG| 15nyag|G) 3'
Exon 3 (47) Exon 36 (112) 81 5' CAG|gu uagu...c agau gugcuguuuuccuauuucag|A 3'
  1. a) Location of the exonics donor and acceptor splice sites of the CHD7 CRA_e alternative transcript. The numbers in parenthesis represent the exonic splicing sites at exons 3 and 36; b) The consensus sequence associated to splice donor, branch and acceptor sites according to Padgett [30] and Keller and Noon [31]. The vertical lines represent either 5' or 3' splice site and the putative branch point is underlined. The sequence of the investigated splice site in the CHD7 CRA_e transcript is represented below the consensus splice sequence. Nucleotides identity between the consensus and the investigated splice sites are shown in bold r = purine (A or G); y = pyrimidine (C or U)