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Figure 2

From: Distinct expression patterns of mitochondrially localized YFP in neuronal subsets in the retina of three transgenic mouse lines

Figure 2

YFP expression in the Mito-Y retina. A and B, YFP fluorescence in sections in the central and non-dorsal peripheral (A) and dorsal (B) Mito-Y retina, respectively. YFP is localized to a small number of ganglion cells in the central and non-dorsal peripheral retina and to dendrites in S1, S2 and S4. In the dorsal retina, YFP is localized to all or nearly all photoreceptors, as well as horizontal cells and a subset of amacrine and ganglion cells. C, Section of central Mito-Y retina labeled with antibodies to ChAT. ChAT labels two bands in S2 and S4, proximal to YFP positive bands. D, Despite the proximity of cholinergic and YFP labeling in the Mito-Y inner nuclear layer, Mito-Y positive cells in the RGL are not cholinergic. E, Mito-Y positive cells in the dorsal and central or non-dorsal peripheral RGL are not non-phosphorylated neurofilament (Smi-32) immunopositive. F, Dopaminergic cells in the dorsal Mito-Y retina express YFP. G, Reconstructed montage of entire Mito-Y retina. The scale bar in (G) is equivalent to 225 μm in A-C and F, 387 μm in D, 66 μm in E and 1.45 mm in G.

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