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Table 3 Diagnosis of HAD Versus Absence of HAD Based on Frascati Criteria

From: Normative scores for a brief neuropsychological battery for the detection of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND) among South Africans

  Absence of HAD (incorporating MND, ANI, and No NP Impairment) HIV-Associated dementia
Level of NP impairment No to mild NP impairment Moderate to severe NP impairment.
Level of Functional Status Impairment No to mild impairment in everyday activities; may need help with complex tasks, able to perform basic Activities of daily living, walks without assistance. Moderate to severe impairment in everyday activities ; needs help with many or most activities
Number SD below population norm on neuropsychological test 1-2: ANI and MND
0-1: No NP Impairment
≥ 2.0
Number of domains impaired ANI and MND: ≥ 2 HAD: ≥ 2 No NP Impairment: 0-1
Exclusion criteria Absence of criteria for delirium or dementia.
Condition cannot be explained by another comorbid condition e.g. substance use, infections or neuropsychiatric disorder