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Table 2 Health profile

From: A descriptive social and health profile of a community sample of adults and adolescents with Asperger syndrome

Experiences of medication Currently taking medication for health problem: 54%
  Experienced side-effects from medication?: 78%
  Not informed of what medication would do?: 10%
  Not informed of side-effects of medication?: 30%
Physical and mental health problems: Poor eyesight: 24%
  Poor hearing: 24%
  Involuntary movements: 36%
  Genetic disorder: 16%
  Neurological problems: 16%
  Anxiety: 51%
  Body image problem: 42%
  Depression: 35%
  Memory problems: 48%
  Angered easily: 84%
  Often hit people: 31%
  Suicidal thoughts: 40%
  Attempted suicide in past: 15%
  Alcohol problems: 15%
  Street drug problems: 10%
  Trouble with the police: 15%
Health services Able to get help from health services?: 92%
  Been in contact with health services in past year?: 82%
  Been in contact with social services in past year?: 51%
  Receiving state benefits?: 57%
  Carer receives benefits?: 31%
  Able to get help if have money problems? 30%