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Figure 2

From: Impact on cell to plasma ratio of miR-92a in patients with acute leukemia: in vivo assessment of cell to plasma ratio of miR-92a

Figure 2

Role of miR-92a expression in ALL cells. A: ALL-group 1; miR-92a expression level is three times greater than that of normal controls (n = 9). ALL-group 2; miR-92a expression level is a third or less than normal controls (n = 34). Patients of ALL-group 1 had significantly shorter survival than ALL-group 2 patients (P = 0.0186). B: The left panel shows the efficacy of anti-sense oligonucleotides. MiR-92a expression level was decreased only when cells were treated with anti-miR-92a inhibitor. The right panel shows the anti-apoptotic effect of miR-92a in Raji and OM9;22 cells. Annexin-positive cells were more frequent in anti-miR-92a inhibitor-treated Raji and OM9;22 cells than in anti-miR negative control-treated cells.

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