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Table 1 Phage P1 transduction of plasmids with mutant lox sites

From: Replacing the wild type loxP site in BACs from the public domain with lox66 using a lox66 transposon

Clone Marker Lox Site Transduction with phage P1
a ampR lox66 ++++
b ampR lox66 ++++
c ampR lox511 0
d ampR wt loxP ++++
g ampR lox71 ++++
h ampR lox71 ++++
i camR lox5171 0
j camR lox2272 0
k kanR wt loxP ++++
l kanR wt loxP ++++
  1. 0-2 colonies/plate: 0
  2. 500-1000 colonies/plate: ++++