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Table 1 Identified polymorphisms in porcine TFRC, ACK1, MUC4, MUC20 and KIAA0226 genes

From: Characterisation of five candidate genes within the ETEC F4ab/ac candidate region in pigs

Gene No. Base Consequence
TFRC (100.8 Mb) 1 G→A (E4) Ala→Thr
  2 T→C (E10) Silent
  3 G→T (I11) 10 bp before branch point
ACK1 (100.9 Mb) 4 C→G (E1) Pro→Ala
  5 T→C (E2) Silent
  6 G→T (E2) Silent
  7 C→T (E3) Silent
  8 A→C (E7) Silent
  9 C→T (E7) Silent
  10 T→C (E9) Silent
  11 C→T (E9) Silent
  12 G→A (E10) Silent
  13 C→A (E12) Pro→His
  14 A→G (E12) Silent
  15 G→A (E12) Silent
  16 G→A (E12) Val→Met
  17 A→G (E12) Silent
  18 G→A (E12) Arg→His
  19 G→C (E12) Ser→Thr
  20 C→G (I14) 5 bases before exon 15
MUC4 (101.0 Mb) 21 C→A (E12) Silent
  22 C→T (I13) 4 bases before exon 14
  23 C→T (I13) 16 bases before exon 14
  24 C→T (I13) 28 bases before exon 14
  25 C→T (E19) Silent
  26 G→A (E24) Gly→Ser
  27 T→C (E24) Silent
  28 G→A (3UTR) 187 bases after TGA
  29 G→A (3UTR) 259 bases after TGA
MUC20 (101.1 Mb) 30 A→C (3UTR) 201 bases after TGA
  31 C→T (I2) 58 bases after exon 2
  32 C→T (E2) Silent
  33 A→T (E1) Silent
KIAA0226 (101.1 Mb) 34 C→T (E20) Silent
  1. A total of 34 polymorphisms were identified in the four tested animals (2 resistant Wild Boars and 2 homozygous susceptible Large White sows). Gene names are shown in the first column (gene positions at chromosome 13 in Sscrofa 9 are in brackets), polymorphisms in the second column and E and I in brackets indicate exonic (E) or intronic (I) location of the polymorphisms. The third column shows the nature of the polymorphisms. The six polymorphisms matching the ETEC F4ab/ac genotype perfectly in the four animals are in bold, and the two polymorphisms underlined are also closely associated with the ETEC F4ab/ac status in the additional 42 animals.