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Table 1 List of isolates and sequences used in this study.

From: Evolution of small putative group I introns in the SSU rRNA gene locus of Phialophora species

Species Isolate Intron Length (nt) Accession Number Source of Isolate
Phialophora americana CDC 5 65 JF414780 Tilia sp., Virginia, USA, Conant 743
  CDC 10 65 JF414776 Paper pulp, Wisconsin, USA, Conant 333
  CDC B3733 0 na Human foot lesion biopsy, Wisconsin, USA
  NIH 8730 67 JF414779 Unknown
  Wang 1046 67 JF414775 Fraxinus sp., New York, USA, DAOM 64689
  Wang 10507 66 JF414777 Decaying wood, New York, USA
  Wang 10508 63 JF414778 Decaying wood, New York, USA
Phialophora europea CDC B1214 72 JF414782 Human
Phialophora verrucosa NIH 8701 75 JF414781 Human, Texas, USA