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Archived Comments for: Comparison of different methods for DNA-free RNA isolation from SK-N-MC neuroblastoma

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  1. SK-N-MC is EWS/PNET

    Jo Vandesompele, Ghent University

    7 November 2011

    I would like to draw the attention to the fact that SK-N-MC, although originally described as a neuroblastoma cell line, is most likely derived from a EWS/PNET family tumor with a FLI1-EWS gene fusion resulting from a t(11;22) reciprocal translocation.

    Dunn T, Praissman L, Hagag N, Viola MV. ERG gene is translocated in an Ewing’s sarcoma cell line. Cancer Genet Cytogenet 1994;76:19–22.

    Vandesompele J, Speleman F. A brief commentary on "Chromosomal aberrations in neuroblastoma cell lines identified by cross species color banding and chromosome painting".
    Comment on Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2001 Aug;129(1):10-6.

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