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Table 1 Barley HvNACs

From: Characterization of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) NAC transcription factors suggests conserved functions compared to both monocots and dicots

Gene Accession# Length Group Putative orthologues (percent identity)
HvNAC001 AK250475 Full d-8 BdNAC067(91), ONAC060(84)
HvNAC002 AK249396 Full b-2 BdNAC048(82), ONAC040(77)
HvNAC003 AK249102 Full a-8 BdNAC001(85), ONAC002(81)
HvNAC004 AM500853 Full a-8 BdNAC041(82), ONAC068/OsNAC4(75)
HvNAC005 AK251058 Full a-6 BdNAC023(82), ONAC058(70)
HvNAC006/HvNAC6 [44] AM500854 Full a-9 BdNAC043(85), ONAC048/OsNAC6(83), ANAC002/ATAF1(65)
HvNAC007 AK249749 Full b-6 BdNAC052(73), ONAC037(62)
HvNAC008/HvSF6 [66] FR821737 Full d-9 ONAC015(60)
HvNAC009 FR819761 Full d no close homologues
HvNAC010 FR821754 Full f-2 BdNAC080(75), ONAC001(60)
HvNAC011 AK251493 Full b-10 BdNAC081(93), ONAC109(90), ANAC057(72)
HvNAC012 FR819762 Full e-4 BdNAC044(80), ONAC075(76), ANAC034/LOV1(51)
HvNAC013 AK376297 Full d-9 BdNAC024(84), ONAC039(74)
HvNAC014 FR821738 Full d-10 BdNAC093(77), ONAC004/OsNAC2(77)
HvNAC015 FR821739 Full d-8 BdNAC053(78), ONAC104(76)
HvNAC016 AK366470 Full b-2 BdNAC065(75), ONAC070(69)
HvNAC017 FR821740 Full d no close homologues
HvNAC018 FR821741 Full d no close homologues
HvNAC019 FR819764 Partial d -
HvNAC020 FR821742 Full a-9 BdNAC071(88), ONAC009/OsNAC5(82), ANAC081/ATAF2(57)
HvNAC021 AK370287 Full d-2 BdNAC003(90), ONAC006(73)
HvNAC022 AK365398 Full d-8 BdNAC009(87), ONAC011(82), ANAC022(51)
HvNAC023 FR821745 Full a-6 BdNAC005(77), ONAC103(73)
HvNAC024 FR821746 Full d no close homologues
HvNAC025 AK364002 Full d-7 ONAC032 (63)
HvNAC026 FR819767 Full a-4 BdNAC091(83), ONAC079(79), ANAC104/XND1(56)
HvNAC027 AK368213 Full a-6 BdNAC090(70), ONAC131(63)
HvNAC028/IDEF2 [67] AB362161 Full b-3 BdNAC032(72), ONAC036(64)
HvNAC029/HvNAM-1 [12] EU908210 Full a-5 BdNAC006(81), ONAC010(72)
HvNAC030 DQ869679 Full a-5 BdNAC006(81), ONAC010(73)
HvNAC031/HSINAC [43] AY672069 Full e-4 BdNAC050(79)
HvNAC032 AK248480 Full d-7 BdNAC096(82), ONAC008(76)
HvNAC033 AK248449 Full c-3 ONAC029(79), BdNAC051(73), ANAC043/NST1(57)
HvNAC034 AK249120 Full c-3 ONAC007(72)
HvNAC035 FR821748 Full b-4 BdNAC029(77), ONAC074/OsNAC8(61)
HvNAC036 AL505464 Partial d-9 -
HvNAC037 AK371156 Full d-9 no close homologues
HvNAC038 BY847894 Partial c-4 -
HvNAC039 AK370035 Full g-9 BdNAC038(91), ONAC073(84)
HvNAC040 AK361879 Full h-3 no close homologues
HvNAC041 FR821751 Full f-2 BdNAC061(68), ONAC005(62)
HvNAC042 AK361273 Full h BdNAC007(70)
HvNAC043 GH216054 Partial h-5 -
HvNAC044 AK364683 Full f-3 ONAC041 (65)
HvNAC045 BF259201 Full h-5 no close homologues
HvNAC046 AK252960 Full h BdNAC076(90)
HvNAC047 CV057263 Partial h -
HvNAC048 AK355552 Full b-1 ONAC042(63)
  1. List of barley HvNACs with EMBL/GenBank accession numbers. The length of each established gene transcript is given as either full or partial coding sequence as compared to wheat or Brachypodium homologues. Phylogenetic grouping was performed according to Shen et al. [2] and was based only on the NAC domain of the encoded protein. For HvNACs with no close rice or Arabidopsis homologues, only the subfamily is noted. The putative orthologues are based on full-length protein alignments and the presence of conserved motifs in the C-terminal. No orthologues are listed for the partial length proteins. The percent identity, on full-length amino acid level, between the barley NAC protein and the orthologue in question is given in parenthesis. Numbers in square brackets in the gene name column represent references in the bibliographic reference list.