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Table 3 Number of patients requiring repeat operation for cosmetic and other problems after initial surgery for craniosynostosis

From: Intensive care unit course of infants and children after cranial vault reconstruction for craniosynostosis

Age at first surgery (suture category) Age at re-operation Reasons for re-operation
5 yrs (sagittal, lambdoid) 8 yrs ↑ICP, headache, unsteady gait
11 mo (pansynostosis) 11 mo** temporalis muscle re-suspension
6 mo (rt. Lambdoid) 4 yrs bony defect over posterior sagittal sinus
18 mo (pansynostosis, Crouzon's variant) 18 mo* hemifacial reconstruction
6 mo (bicoronal) 6 yrs Facial asymmetry & orbital dystopia
5 yrs (sagittal/metopic) 6 yrs Repair of multiple cranial defects
1 yr (sagittal) 7 yrs cranioplasty for frontal skull defects
7 mo (coronal synostosis) 4 yrs Non-healing coronal incision, craniofacial deformity, repair of Lt encephalocoele
  1. *3 days after first surgery; **4 days after first surgery;
  2. Patients with recurrent synostosis and major surgical complications were 6 months or older at time of initial surgery. Poor cosmetic outcomes appear to be common in patients older than 6 months at the time of initial surgery.