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Table 3 Practical applications in designing profile questionnaires

From: The physical therapy profile questionnaire (PTPQ): development, validation and pilot testing

Steps Purpose Who are involved?
Initial scoping • To check the availability of an appropriate instrument which matches the objectives of an intended study • Authors
  • If no instrument is available, identify ways and possible sources of information on how to develop an instrument which will match the intended objectives of a study • Researchers
Focus group interviews • To explore key areas of concern in designing the instrument • Key informants
   • Researchers
Validation using the Delphi technique • To ensure that the instrument measures what it intends to measure • Experts in different areas of practice
  • To collect highly generalisable data from the answers to be collected  
Pilot testing • To "trial" the survey and identify possible problems to be encountered and allow troubleshooting to address the problems • Participants representative of the sample population