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Table 2 Students view regarding curricular system

From: To determine the level of satisfaction among medical students of a public sector medical university regarding their academic activities

Question Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree No idea
Standard of your institute matches with the international standards of medical college 6.8 30.1 24.3 33.2 5.5
The quality of teaching and lectures in the university is satisfactory 5.8 33.2 17 40.2 3.8
Current teaching practices i.e. lectures help ace local examination as well as international exams like USMLE & PLAB etc 5.1 20.9 25.8 37.9 10.3
You are satisfied with the semester system 00 82.5 9.8 4.6 3.1
Multiple mode's of assessment help improve your knowledge and clinical skills 16.8 55.8 11.1 7.4 8.9
The pattern of OSCE/OSPE is satisfactory 00 59.6 21 9.1 10.3
Best form of assessment is MCQ 36 BCQ 50 Short Q/A 4 Descriptive 8 No Idea 2
  1. USMLE: US medical licensing examination; PLAB: Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board; OSPE: Object Structured Practical Examination; OSCE: Object Structured Clinical Examination; MCQ: Multiple Choice Question; BCQ: Best Choice Question.