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Figure 3

From: Mutation screening of patients with Alzheimer disease identifies APP locus duplication in a Swedish patient

Figure 3

Plot from array-CGH made with DNA analytics software. On the y-axis is the log2 ratio signal intensity between Cy3-labeled sample D08 and Cy5-labeled diploid control DNA. The x-axis shows the genomic position of annotated genes (Build 36.1). The colored dots indicate the signal intensity from hybridization of the patient DNA D08 compared to the signal of the control sample. Equal signal is shown as black dots, a stronger signal as red dots, and green dots when the signal is weaker from hybridizing with the patient DNA D08. Illustrated as a brown box is the construction of the maximal region between coordinates 25 950727 - 27 043885 that is duplicated in patient sample D08. Coordinates for both maximal and minimal region of duplication as determined by array-CGH are given above the plot.

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