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Table 2 Biological process involvement of conserved/non-conserved miRNAs.

From: Comparative analysis of miRNAs and their targets across four plant species

Conserved targets Species specific targets
p-value GO-Process Term p-value GO Process Term
2.31E-29 Developmental processes 4.91E-42 Unknown biological processes
9.31E-05 Transcription 2.68E-03 Signal transduction
2.68E-03 Other metabolic processes 3.90E-03 Response to stress
1.31E-02 Other cellular processes 3.23E-02 Transport
2.45E-02 Electron transport or energy pathway 5.73E-02 Protein metabolism
  1. GO-slim Process terms enrichment analysis using the Fisher's exact test and applied multiple testing correction (see Methods).