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Figure 6

From: Growth, seed development and genetic analysis in wild type and Def mutant of Pisum sativum L

Figure 6

Light micrographs and seeds growth of F3 populations resulting from crosses between tall mutant type (JI 1184) by dwarf wild type (JI 2822). (a-f) Light micrographs of segregant F3 sections. (a-b) Heterozygote genotype Def/def (+-) line 14. a Abnormal and partial palisade layer. b Higher magnification of A. (c-d) Homozygous dominant genotype Def/Def (++) line 11. c Appearance of the normal AZ palisade layer that reveals the typical double palisade layer. d Higher magnification of C. (e-f) Homozygous recessive genotype def/def line 18. e There is no visible palisade layer. f Higher magnification of E. g Relationship between seed fresh weight and pod age in F3 plants. AZ Abscission zone, CPL Counterpalisade layer, PL Palisade layer. Bars = 12.5 μm (a, c, e); 25 μm (b, d, f).

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