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Table 1 Airborne bacterial composition in the dust cloud resulting from crop transfer

From: Caenorhabditis elegans: a model to monitor bacterial air quality

Sample Next to crops ship loading winter 2009
Collected volume 30L
Incubation conditions 30°C on 1:5 diluted TSA plate
UFC/air m3 10767
  Group 1   17.6%
Gram-negative rods Group 2 72.4% 4.0%
  Group 3   39.9%
  Group 4   10.8%
Gram-positive rods Group 5 16.4% 5.3%
  Group 6   11.1%
Gram-positive cocci Group 7 6.5% 3.7%
  Group 8   2.8%
unexploitable strains 4.6%
  1. Eight groups were represented: Gram-negative oxidase-negative strictly aerobic rods such as Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas... (Group 1), Gram-negative oxidase-positive facultatively anaerobic rods such as Aeromonas... (Group 2), Gram-negative oxydase-negative facultatively anaerobic rods mainly Enterobacteriaceae (Group 3), Gram-negative oxidase-positive strictly aerobic rods like Pseudomonas...(Group 4), Gram-positive sporing rods such as Bacillus...(Group 5), Gram-positive catalase-positive nonsporing rods such as Arthrobacter... (Group 6), Gram-positive catalase-positive strictly aerobic cocci such as Micrococcus... (Group 7), Gram-positive catalase-positive facultatively anaerobic cocci such as Staphylococcus... (Group 8).