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Archived Comments for: The Netherlands study of depression in older persons (NESDO); a prospective cohort study

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  1. Corrections for co morbidity with anxiety disorders

    Hannie Comijs, VU University Medical Center

    8 March 2012

    The co morbidity rates of anxiety disorders as reported in the paper are not correct. The correct numbers are presented here. In our depressed sample (N=378) 144 persons (38.1%) had a co morbid anxiety disorder. Social phobia (n= 66, 17.5%) was most often present, followed by generalized anxiety disorder (n=37, 9.8%), agoraphobia (n=36, 9.5%), panic disorder with agoraphobia (n= 28, 7.4%), and panic disorder without agoraphobia (n= 26, 6.9%). 11.9% of depressed patients had more than one co morbid anxiety disorder.

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