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Table 1 The relationship of apparent psychological distress and anthropometric characteristics in mature aged farm men and women (≥50 years old)

From: Farming fit? Dispelling the Australian agrarian myth

   Not distressed n (%) Psychologically distressedan (%) P
Body Mass Index Obese/overweight 273(68.4) 222(77.4) 0.010*
  Not obese 126(31.6) 65(22.6)  
Abdominal obesity Obese 239(61.1) 202(72.4) 0.02*
(Waist circumference) Not obese 152(38.9) 77(27.6)  
Body fat% High body fat% 230(63.2) 194(71.9) 0.022*
  Not high body fat% 134(36.8) 76(28.1)  
  1. a Psychological distress was assumed for K-10 score ≥16 or previously diagnosed mental illness. Probability (p) calculated using two-tail Pearson chi-square test. * Significance was assumed if p ≤ 0.05
  2. In our preliminary analysis of farmer mental and physical health, we utilised the Pearson chi-square test to identify the interrelationship of psychological distress status and the prevalence of obesity (body mass index), abdominal obesity (waist circumference) and body fat percentage (measured using single beam bioelectrical impedance analysis [9]).