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Table 1 List of the top 50 targets ranked by total fold change following a strain by strain comparison after microarray based differential expression analysis for the following three data sets

From: Mouse strain specific gene expression differences for illumina microarray expression profiling in embryos

Position E12.5 entire embryo/4 strains E12.5 eviscerated embryos/4 strains E12.5 eviscerated embryos/11 strains
1 LOC382555 Tm7sf3 Tm7sf3
2 Gramd4 Fcer1g Fcer1g
3 Sspn LOC100041516 C920006O11Rik
4 LOC666403 Pou6f1 Lrrc57
5 EG384179 C920006O11Rik scl0001602.1_506
6 Tmem87a Smad2 LOC100041516
7 Cap1 Lrrc57 Pou6f1
8 C920006O11Rik Mod1 Sspn
9 Lrrc57 Sspn LOC382555
10 Fcer1g Ctse Mod1
11 Ctse Map3k4 Smad2
12 Lip1 Gmfb Thumpd1
13 Eif2s3y AA388235 Myl2
14 6230403H02Rik LOC382555 OTTMUSG00000010673
15 2810417H13Rik Tmem87a AA388235
16 Prkag2 Crygd Tmem87a
17 Pdrg1 6230403H02Rik Map3k4
18 B230312I18Rik 9430065F12Rik LOC641366
19 Tm7sf3 LOC641366 Gmfb
20 Atrnl1 LOC100043918 Klk1b22
21 Pou6f1 Klk1b22 2610203C20Rik
22 Cbwd1 D930007N19Rik 9430065F12Rik
23 Plk1 B230213E18Rik Ctse
24 Drbp1 Cfl1 Bat5
25 LOC100041516 LOC229810 EG631624
26 Paip1 1700001E04Rik Bag2
27 Ube2i Cryaa 3110099E03Rik
28 Itga9 EG631624 LOC229810
29 2310002F18Rik Crygb 3110007F17Rik
30 Snx5 2600001B17Rik 6230403H02Rik
31 Rusc2 D330027H18Rik 6720422M22Rik
32 2810410P22Rik BC032265 2600001B17Rik
33 Csrp1 3110003A22Rik Rbm45
34 Zfp330 Cap1 3110003A22Rik
35 C920004C08Rik Cryga Usp25
36 1110005F07Rik A630064P09Rik Apol7c
37 LOC229810 Usp25 LOC100044289
38 EG666668 LOC100044289 Cryaa
39 Zcchc3 LOC100040657 B230213E18Rik
40 3110040M04Rik LOC622901 LOC384154
41 Ttc27 2610203C20Rik D330027H18Rik
42 Cops8 3110099E03Rik Zfp35
43 Aph1b Gramd4 EG384179
44 Prcp LOC100048169 Cap1
45 Mff LOC100044150 4930488E11Rik
46 Slc25a17 Serpina3h Ccdc109b
47 Tor1aip2 6720422M22Rik Rnf20
48 Adamts9 C130082I06Rik Crygd
49 6720422M22Rik EG384179 LOC666661
50 Lrp6 Rbm45 1700001E04Rik
  1. Rank A (entire embryos of four strains (C57BL/6J, 129 S2/SvHsd, FVB/NHan TMHsd and Hsd:ICR(CD-1)® at E12.5), Rank B (eviscerated embryos of four strains (C57BL/6J, 129 S2/SvHsd, FVB/NHan TMHsd and Hsd:ICR(CD-1)® at E12.5) and Rank C (eviscerated embryos of 11 strains (129 S2/SvHsd; FVB/NHan TMHsd; C3H/HeNHs; CBA/JHsd; BALB/cOlaHsd; C.B-17/IcrHanTMHsd-Prkdcscid; C57BL/6J; B6; SJL-Tg(Col2a1-cre)1Bhr/J; 129 S4/SvJaeSor-Gt(Rosa)26Sortm1(FLP1)Dym/J; C57BL/6-Tg(Zp3-cre)93Knw/J; Hsd:ICR(CD-1)®) at E12.5.