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Table 1 Phases of the MRC framework[27]in the PalliPA study*

From: PalliPA: How can general practices support caregivers of patients at their end of life in a home-care setting? A study protocol

  Current study Planned future work
Phase 0 I II III IV
MRC framework description Preclinical or theoretical (why should this intervention work?) Modelling (how does it work?) Exploratory or pilot trial (optimising trial measures) Definite randomized controlled trial Implementation
PalliPA study context Existing evidence: German guideline “Informal caregivers”, results from international implementation and intervention studies, results of caregivers’ needs assessments Workshops: GPTs are informed about the existing evidence and discuss individual strategies for identifying and relieving burdened caregivers Participatory action research: individual strategies are implemented in the practices and refined within a Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle Not part of the PalliPA study Not part of the PalliPA study
Estimation of effects on caregivers and patients as a basis for the planning of a subsequent trial
  1. * The PalliPA study refers to Phases 0-II.