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Table 1 The input data include seven Virus Genomes

From: Arapan-S: a fast and highly accurate whole-genome assembly software for viruses and small genomes

Species Accession number Number of reads Read average length (bp)
Bovine Respiratory Coronavirus AH187 FJ938065.1 635 995
Calf-giraffe Coronavirus US/OH3/2006 EF424624.1 548 935
Waterbuck Coronavirus US/OH-WD358-TC/1994 FJ425184.1 576 984
White-tailed Deer Coronavirus US/OH-WD470/1994 FJ425187.1 503 918
Antelope coronavirus US/OH1/2003 EF424621.1 616 991
Influenza A Virus (A/Memphis/1/71(H3N2)) From CY006211.1
To CY006218.1
132 570
Influenza A Virus (A/Swine/Colorado/1/77/(H3N2)) Q288Y7 (EBI) 159 596
Influenza A Virus (A/Weiss/43/(H1N1)) From CY009452.1
To CY009459.1
168 519
  1. We considered eight viruses. The genome of each Influenza A Virus consists of eight segments while the others have only one long segment. The datasets represent Sanger reads. The raw data were downloaded from NCBI Trace Archive (