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Table 2 Late-sequelae scoring system

From: Late somatic sequelae after treatment of childhood cancer in Slovenia

  Score Description
0 (none) No effect that can be related to cancer treatment or an effect so mild that it requires no regular medication or other healthcare intervention and does not interfere with normal life.
1 (mild) Mild effects related to cancer treatment that are entirely or almost entirely controlled by medicine and/or other healthcare intervention and do not lead to anything more than a minor alternation in lifestyle.
2 (moderate) Moderate adverse effects related to cancer treatment that require continued use of medicine and/or other healthcare intervention. The patient remains able to lead an independent existence although some modifications in activity and in style of leaving are necessary.
3 (severe) Severe adverse effects. The patient’s life is considerably affected by the adverse effects related to cancer treatment with a considerable and continued restriction of activities. Inpatient care and major surgery might have been required.
4 (death) Death related to the cancer and/or cancer treatment.
  1. The system for scoring late somatic sequelae of childhood cancer and treatment used in our study adapted from [26].