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Table 2 Reported transcripts from nucleotide databases

From: DSCR9 gene simultaneous expression in placental, testicular and renal tissues from baboon (papio hamadryas)

Species Tissue
Testis Unknown Liver Placenta Kidney Skeletal muscle Spleen Brain Caudate nucleus Unknown
Homo sapiens NR_026719*   AB212291*    AB212287* AB212 289* AB212 290* AK313 458*  
        AB212 288* AB212 286*   
Papio anubis     SRR001694**       
Macaca fascicularis AB168984*     DC640452***      
Callithrix jacchus   SRR000079**         SRR000079**
  1. * = Core subset of nucleotide sequence records, ** = SRA, *** = EST of GenBank at the NCBI.