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Table 1 Brazilian rabies virus isolates used in this study

From: Molecular epidemiology of livestock rabies viruses isolated in the northeastern Brazilian states of Paraíba and Pernambuco from 2003 - 2009

Sample*1 Species Location State*2 Year Lineage of PB and PE*3 Accession No. Reference
BR-DR6 Desmodus rotundus Laje de Muriae RJ 1998   AB297633 [16]
BR-DR7 Desmodus rotundus Itaperuna RJ 1997   AB297634 [16]
BR-M1(BR-Pbt1) Molossus sp. Patos PB    AB206414 [6]
BR-M2(BR-Pbt2) Molossus sp. Patos PB    AB206415 [6]
BR-M3(BR-Pbt3) Molossus sp. Patos PB    AB206416 [6]
BR-M4(BR-Pbt4) Molossus sp. Patos PB    AB206417 [6]
BR-Pfx1 Fox Patos PB 2002   AB362483 [13]
BR-Pfx3 Fox Patos PB 2001   AB206409 [6]
BR-Pfx5 Fox Patos PB 2002   AB206411 [6]
BR-Pfx6 Fox Patos PB 2002   AB207884 [6]
BRbv30 Cattle Morrinhos GO 1999   AB083803 [17]
BRbv32 Cattle Sao Roque SP 1994   AB083805 [17]
BRbv36 Cattle Nova Olinda TO 1998   AB083809 [17]
BRbv39 Cattle Colinas TO 1999   AB083811 [17]
BRbv43 Cattle Alto Taquari MT 1999   AB083813 [17]
BRbv49 Cattle Piraju SP 1989   AB083817 [17]
BRbv50 Cattle Corumbaiba GO 1999   AB083818 [17]
BRbv55 Cattle Montes Altos MA 1998   AB675602*4 [8]
BRbv56 Cattle Iporá GO 1998   AB675603*4 [8]
BRbv76 Cattle Xinguará PA 2002   AB675604*4 [8]
BRbv80 Cattle Ipameri GO 2001   AB675605*4 [8]
BRbv103 Cattle Nova Crixás GO 2001   AB675606*4 [8]
BRbv133 Cattle Xambioa TO 2000   AB675607*4 [8]
BRbv140 Cattle Natividade TO 2000   AB675608*4 [8]
BRbv141 Cattle Nova Crixas GO 2000   AB675609*4 [8]
BRbv183 Cattle Natividade TO 2001   AB675610*4 [8]
BRbv190 Cattle Pocone MT 2002   AB675611*4 [9]
BRbv192 Cattle Nobres MT 2002   AB675612*4 [8]
BRbv215 Cattle Rosario Oeste MT 2002   AB675613*4 [9]
BRbv251(BR-Pbv1) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206423 [6]
BRbv252(BR-Pbv2) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206424 [6]
BRbv254(BR-Pbv3) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206425 [6]
BRbv255(BR-Pbv5) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206426 [6]
BRbv257(BR-Pbv7) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206427 [6]
BRbv258(BR-Pbv8) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206428 [6]
BRbv260(BR-Pbv10) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206429 [6]
BRbv261(BR-Pbv11) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206430 [6]
BRbv262(BR-Pbv12) Cattle Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206431 [6]
BRbv279 Cattle Pirapozinho SP 2002   AB675614*4 [9]
BRbv312 Cattle Paulo de Frontin RJ 1987   AB675615 This study
BRbv316 Cattle Miguel Pereina RJ 2000   AB675616*4 [9]
BRbv324 Cattle Itapecuru Mirim MA 2004   AB675617*4 [9]
BRbv340 Cattle Nossa Senhora do Livramento MT 2004   AB675618*4 [9]
BRbv382 Cattle Orizona GO 2002   AB675619*4 [9]
BRbv384 Cattle Nova América GO 2002   AB675620*4 [9]
BRbv403 Cattle Piranhas GO 2002   AB675621*4 [9]
BRbv581 Cattle Tambaú SP 2003   AB675622*4 [9]
BRbv617 Cattle Rio Claro RJ 2004   AB675623*4 [9]
BRbv645 Cattle Capinzal do Norte MA 2004   AB675624*4 [9]
BRbv668 Cattle Santo Antônio dos Lopes MA 2005   AB675625*4 [9]
BRbv670 Cattle Godofredo Viana MA 2005   AB675626*4 [9]
BRbv792 Cattle Morrinhos GO 2002   AB675627*4 [9]
BRbv804 Cattle Pilar de Goiás GO 2005   AB675628*4 [9]
BRbv827 Cattle Cocalzinho de Goiás GO 2005   AB675629*4 [9]
BRbv844 Cattle Itapaci GO 2006   AB675630*4 [9]
BRbv934 Cattle Bandeirantes MS 2005   AB675631*4 [9]
BRbv1169 Cattle Patos PB 2004 PB/PE-B AB623080 This study
BRbv1170 Cattle Santa Terezinha PB 2004 PB/PE-B AB623081 This study
BRbv1172 Cattle São José do Bonfim PB 2004 PB/PE-B AB623082 This study
BRbv1173 Cattle Itaporanga PB 2004 PB/PE-A AB623083 This study
BRbv1174 Cattle São Vicente do Seridó PB 2004 PB/PE-B AB623084 This study
BRbv1176 Cattle Patos PB 2005 PB/PE-B AB623085 This study
BRbv1177 Cattle Santa Luzia PB 2005 PB/PE-B AB623086 This study
BRbv1179 Cattle Areal PB 2006 PB/PE-B AB623087 This study
BRbv1181 Cattle Monteiro PB 2006 PB/PE-B AB623089 This study
BRbv1182 Cattle Junco do Seridó PB 2006 PB/PE-B AB623090 This study
BRbv1183 Cattle São José do Sabugi PB 2006 PB/PE-B AB623091 This study
BRbv1184 Cattle Santa Luzia PB 2006 PB/PE-B AB623092 This study
BRbv1186 Cattle Patos PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623093 This study
BRbv1187 Cattle Patos PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623094 This study
BRbv1190 Cattle Areal PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623096 This study
BRbv1193 Cattle Patos PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623097 This study
BRbv1194 Cattle São José do Bonfim PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623098 This study
BRbv1197 Cattle São José do Bonfim PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623099 This study
BRbv1198 Cattle Brejinho PE 2007 PB/PE-B AB623106 This study
BRbv1199 Cattle Patos PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623100 This study
BRbv1200 Cattle Patos PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623101 This study
BRbv1201 Cattle Patos PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623102 This study
BRbv1204 Cattle Patos PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623103 This study
BRbv1206 Cattle Patos PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623104 This study
BRbv1207 Cattle Patos PB 2009 PB/PE-B AB623105 This study
BRbv1209 Cattle Vitória de Santo Antão PE 2008 PB/PE-B AB623107 This study
BRbv1210 Cattle Venturosa PE 2008 PB/PE-A AB623108 This study
BRbv1211 Cattle Pedra PE 2008 PB/PE-A AB623109 This study
BRbv1212 Cattle Venturosa PE 2008 PB/PE-A AB623110 This study
BRbv1213 Cattle Garanhuns PE 2008 PB/PE-A AB623111 This study
BRbv1214 Cattle Venturosa PE 2008 PB/PE-A AB623112 This study
BRbv1215 Cattle Paranatama PE 2008 PB/PE-B AB623113 This study
BRbv1216 Cattle Venturosa PE 2008 PB/PE-A AB623114 This study
BRbv1217 Cattle Belo Jardim PE 2008 PB/PE-B AB623115 This study
BRbv1218 Cattle Belo Jardim PE 2009 PB/PE-B AB623116 This study
BRbv1219 Cattle Lajedo PE 2009 PB/PE-B AB623117 This study
BRbv1220 Cattle Garanhuns PE 2009 PB/PE-A AB623118 This study
BRgt249(BR-Pgt1) Goat Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206437 [6]
BRgt1205 Goat São Mamede PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623077 This study
BRhr31 Horse Ipora GO 1998   AB083804 [17]
BRhr1196 Horse Patos PB 2007 PB/PE-B AB623076 This study
BRsp250(BR-Psp1) Sheep Patos PB 2003 PB/PE-B AB206438 [6]
BRsp1171 Sheep Santa Terezinha PB 2004 PB/PE-B AB623078 This study
BRsp1203 Sheep Patos PB 2008 PB/PE-B AB623079 This study
  1. *1 Names in parentheses are designations from Shoji et al. (2006)
  2. *2 State abbreviations are as follows: PB Paraíba, PE Pernambuco, GO Goiás, SP São Paulo, RJ Rio de Janeiro, MT Mato Grosso, TO Tocantins, MA Maranhão, PA Pará, MS Mato Grosso do Sul
  3. *3 Lineages are based on the phylogenetic tree of Figure 1
  4. *4 We determined extra sequences in this study