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Table 3 Which of the following tests would you request for PID initial screening?

From: Attentiveness of pediatricians to primary immunodeficiency disorders

  Percent answered “yes”
CBC with differential 96
Serum immunoglobulin levels 96
IgG subclasses * 77
Chest x-ray 76
Neutrophil oxidative burst assay* 66
Antibody titers to previous vaccines * 64
Lymphocyte subsets 64
Total complements* 56
Lymphocyte stimulation tests * 44
Serum isohemagglutinins * 40
Chest CT scan * 26
  1. * Not recommended as a first-line screening.
  2. (The order of the items is presented according to the percentage picked by respondents, not how it appeared in the questionnaire).