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Archived Comments for: Use of a home-use test to diagnose HIV infection in a sex partner: a case report

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  1. Interesting Case Report but 3 worrying things:

    Christopher Weatherburn, NHS Education for Scotland

    22 August 2012

    1. The case did the rapid testing after unprotected anal sex with the trial subject.
    2. Misuse of methamphetamine prior to testing.
    3. Divergence of kit used for trial.

    I suspect the individual's character is likely to be the main factor that will relate to relatively responsible self-reported post result behaviour.

    I have never seen the particular kits but would recommend they include clearer instructions regarding what to do after the result (particularly positive result with contact details for ongoing care). I suspect that for the purposes of your trial these may have been altered. Is this true?

    I also suspect an increase use of HIV home test kits could help to destigmatise HIV in future.

    Competing interests

    I am a GP and Health Inequalities Fellow in Scotland with no competing interests to declare.